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Now you don't spend 25 years in and around rules and rating engines, in both IT and business departments without picking up some business analysis techniques.

We have been involved in some immensely exciting projects over the years which have involved us drawing documents and requirements from the stakeholders, analysing the needs of the business and designing technical solutions to the specific requirements.  In the good old days, we were given a few documents and left to fend for ourselves until the project was due to be delivered – we had to determine what was missing, what further info was needed, and had to make our own call as to the most pragmatic way forward.  These days we are fully engaged with the agile way – filling a technical role sometimes and morphing into a business analyst or tester when the workload requires.  We have been fully agile (at least in methodology, even as we get older and lose our physical agileness) in our work with RDT, Covea and RSA and indeed, internally.

Do you need a technically minded business analyst?  Do you need someone who has worn a number of hats in the past and is able to draw down on their experience?  Our contact details are here.