Developing - Maintaining - Training

If Polaris is our bread and butter, then Landscape is the Jam - it arrived shortly after the bread and butter but its an integral part of the solutions we offer.  Rating-Resource have worked with RDT since 2006, supplying rating engine expertise to both themselves and their customers.  Prior to this we had worked with RDT on behalf of Provident Insurance (as it was then) when RDT were creating the Landscape system alongside Provident Insurance.

We have been with RDT as they have flourished, adding more and more functionality to their system and would like to think that we have in the smallest of ways helped contribute to their success.

We develop schemes, maintain products, give technical views on solutions, deliver training and have been mentors to  both internal RDT members of staff and also to RDT customers.

If you need any of the above services then please do contact us here.