Developing - Maintaining - Training

Polaris ProductWriter is our bread and butter - have been using ProductWriter to develop standard personal lines schemes, mainly motor and household, since the time before the millennium bug was  even considered a threat.  More recently we have been part of agile teams developing quotation engines in which ProductWriter was used in a non standard way, drawing together many data streams, rationalising and augmenting the data and passing this into a WTW Radar Live model before taking the result to determine how to present to the end client.

We are more than just ProductWriter programmers - we have in-depth knowledge of ProdctWriter, the RTE, Personal and Commercial lines of insurance, Agile ways of working.  We have experience of working with Insurers, virtual insurers, software houses, MGAs, Brokers and Aggregators. 

We perform the role of a business analyst on many occasions, we elicit requirements from around the business and create requirements to be signed off by the various stakeholders when required to make sure that the work performed is the expected work – we take a broad view.  We have vast experiences to draw upon and are more than happy to flag up when something doesn’t look correct to us rather than just keeping our head down and producing something which is obviously wrong.

We are testers, we test our own work and the work of others.  We tailor the testing to the changes made and report upon how it has performed against expectation.  We create reuseable batches of thousands of risks which can be used as regression batches run on every release candidate.  We create smaller manual tests when needed to target the changes made which can be run in conjunction with regression batches.

We are trainers - not something you wear on your feet, but someone who shares the knowledge that they have gained over the years, giving others a helping hand up.  We can produce training documentation and give hands on training with students in a class room environment or our more preferred method of 'on-the-job' training, where the student and trainer work through a project together - the student picking up techniques, the trainer imparting the best method,

We have a vast array of contacts that we have worked with in the past who can help us help you and your business.  If you are looking for someone to fill a role or looking for someone to work on a project for you, then please do get in contact with us here.