Developing - Maintaining - Training

If you were buying a new car, you would not expect it to come full of chicken feathers, with only one wheel and no engine.  You would expect it to have all the essential components and appropriate documentation, matching the details in the sales literature.  It should have all the pre-sales checks completed  and passed satisfactorily.  It should have an engine that is the correct size and is fitted in the correct location.  It should have a steering wheel, it should have a foot brake and a hand brake.  The car in essence should match the specification.

Transpose this to software - be it a system or a rating algorithm - the smallest mistake can have a large impact.  A miscalculation that effects every risk is easy to spot with a manual test, but those which occur only when the stars align in a certain way is more difficult to get a handle on.

We have created and executed both automated and manual tests on Polaris via the internal test harness and directly vs the RTE, on Landscape, on Radar Live and on Ratabase.  We can create a test strategy for your system to test new functionality and to give confidence that issues have not been introduced by the new updates.

We can work with you to make sure that the likelyhood of potentially costly errors being exposed to the public is reduced.

We can dedicate full time resource to your project or we can perform remote testing - our resource is scalable.  Does this interest you?  If you want to get in contact, then please do so here.