Developing - Maintaining - Training

Rating-Resource can deliver training on either Polaris ProductWriter or the Landscape Rating Engine either onsite or remotely. 

We are an amiable bunch with the ability to target training at a level that is right for the individuals involved.  We understand that not everyone learns in the same way and we understand that some people will pick up some things faster or slower than others.

We create our training literature to each individual client - if you write only household business then our training will be in relation to household.  If your company doesn't use a specific part of the system (eg in Landscape, if pricing is not used as it is done on another system and the premium supplied to Landscape via EDI  - then we will not waste your time or ours by teaching you the joys of premium calculation within Landscape).

Training courses can be as long or as short as you like - they can be a short broad brush stroke, or they can be an in depth class room followed by a buddy system where the student take the lead and puts what they have learned into practice whilst being gently nudged in the right direction.

If you need this kind of service for your members of staff, then please do get in contact with us here.